How to Effectively Market to Silvers? Discover the Secrets of Silver Marketing

According to data from the Central Statistical Office (GUS) – over ⅓ of people in Poland are over 50 years old. These are the so-called silvers. In other words, these are individuals who remain professionally active, enjoy life, and are often wealthier than younger generations. But how do you reach them?

Together with the editorial team of Marketer+, we conducted a free webinar where we delved into silver marketing and highlighted the best practices in this area.

From the webinar, you will learn:

  • How silvers perceive themselves and what they expect from brands;
  • Why creating products styled as “for silvers” does not work as well as products “for men” or “for women”;
  • What the most important consumer needs for silvers are;
  • How changing demographics affect your brand – from branding, through packaging, to communication.