We build brands that
create real value for businesses.

For over 25 years, we have been the most trusted strategic marketing firm in Poland.

How can we help you?

With us, you see more. We create brands, innovations, and solve the toughest marketing challenges.

We authored strategies that have led to iconic campaigns changing entire categories. Leveraging proprietary tools and methodologies, we help our Clients understand the surrounding reality and create unique value for their business.

What we do?


We build brands that deliver real value for business. We analyze brands’ product and symbolic layers, and we embed them in consumer needs and aspirations. With years of experience across diverse categories, we identify opportunities that others may overlook – resulting in the effectiveness of our brand strategies.

  • Brand situation analysis: BrandPower™ 
  • Brand positioning 
  • Brand architecture 
  • Creating an optimal brand portfolio 
  • Visual identity and brand world 
  • Naming and taglines 
  • Strategic supervision of communication


We help marketing stay ahead of the changing landscape. From category analysis and inspiration to consumer research, analytics, and go-to-market strategy. With us every marketing department will be one step ahead.

  • Market mapping MultiMapa™ 
  • Segmentations 
  • Value proposition 
  • Consumer journey messaging 
  • Data analysis 
  • Consumer research 
  • Analytics 
  • Go-to-market strategy


We create solutions and products that transform the landscape of categories. This is particularly crucial in a world of homogeneous and similar products, where innovation, brand stretch, or new consumer experiences can be a much better solution than a larger media budget.

  • NPD (New Product Development) sessions 
  • Sessions focused on communication solutions and brand experience 
  • Inspirational sessions based on our predictive models 
  • Dylemata™ Marketing Foresight 
  • Designing cultural innovations

Katarzyna Walkowicz

Senior Brand Marketing Manager w Maspex S.A.

Stratosfera executed a consultancy and research project commissioned by Maspex S.A. to determine brand strategy and development. The work was carried out with the utmost care and significant commitment from the Stratosphere team. They approached the various stages of the project in a professional and competent manner, aiming for the effective use of allocated budgets. The team’s extensive and versatile experience, along with a flexible and proactive approach to the subject, played a crucial role.

Klaudia Król-Jasińska

Communication Department Director at WWF Poland Foundation

Stratosfera collaborated with us on advisory and research projects. The work was executed professionally with great care and involvement from the Stratosphere team. The results provide a practical basis for implementation in the further activities of the WWF Poland Foundation. Stratosfera’s flexible approach, considering changing situations and the specific needs of the Foundation, and the highly positive atmosphere of collaboration, deserve special recognition.

Małgorzata Wilińska

Brand Communication Team Manager at Getin Noble Bank S.A.

For Getin Noble Bank S.A., Stratosfera conducted a consultancy and research project related to recommending a brand architecture scenario and brand strategy for the chosen scenario. The work was carried out with the utmost care and significant commitment from Stratosfera. The results provide a practical foundation for implementation in the further activities of Getin Noble Bank S.A.