Why are Charles III and Ozzy Osbourne the bane of marketing? On segmentation and generations

Segmentation is a peculiar matter. Based on simple assumptions, King Charles III and Ozzy Osbourne have surprisingly much in common. How should proper segmentation and targeting look?

If you are a marketer, you probably know that defining groups like “boomer representative” or even “wealthy resident of England, 75-year-old male, living in a large house and interested in culture” can completely miss the mark.

Why? Because characters like Ozzy Osbourne and Charles III, or even Wojciech Cejrowski and Robert Makłowicz, can stand in your way.

For example, regarding the latter two: both are journalists, entrepreneurs running their own online stores (respectively: Sklep Kolonialny and Sklep Makłowicz Ajde!), are from the same baby boomer generation (differing by only a year, or gen X depending on the definition), are polyglots, recognizable TV personalities (appearing even on the same station with similar types of shows!), who are currently active online, are travellers, have written books, own properties abroad, and are Catholics. (Although Makłowicz is of the Armenian Catholic rite, and Cejrowski is Roman Catholic).

The editorial team at asked us to share our knowledge on introducing new product categories.

From this article, you will learn:

  • What types of segmentation exist and how they differ;
  • When broad targeting makes sense and when it doesn’t;
  • Where simplifications in segmentation methods come from, and much more.