It’s challenging to make an effective marketing strategy

Developing an effective marketing strategy is a real challenge. Krzysztof Najder, Ph.D. shares his insights on how to approach them and break conventional approaches for

“Formulating a strategy in a way that is accessible to the entire client team is definitely the greatest challenge. In building strategies, we often use relatively complex tools and models that the client does not use daily. Translating them into simple, understandable language and visualizations for everyone is much more difficult than building the strategy itself.” – says Krzysztof Najder, Ph.D.

The editorial team of invited our Founding Partner Krzysztof Najder Ph.D. to share his knowledge and insights on creating marketing strategies.

From the interview, you will learn:

  • What is the most difficult challenge in creating a strategy.
  • What are the main indicators of whether a brand is “healthy” and “strong”.
  • How important it is to adapt the strategy to current trends or cultural codes.
  • How an external perspective can help understand the brand and its position in the market.
  • Why it’s worth formulating alternative strategic plans before final implementation of the chosen one.

ATTENTION: The interview is in Polish language.