Our metodology

What sets us apart is our proprietary methodologies and models primarily aimed at providing practical guidance and solutions for Clients. Our experience and hundreds of projects in which we have used these models enable our specialists to provide you with a better understanding of your brand, category, or broader market codes, and to leverage this knowledge to build a competitive advantage in the market.


Since 2009, we have been conducting systematic semiotic research on consumer values and aspirations, as well as on market trends and cultural codes. The result of these efforts is our proprietary DYLEMATA™ model, according to which your brand should reconcile conflicting needs and aspirations of customers. This tool will make your brand strategy not only more resilient to inevitable changes, but also to utilize them to your advantage.


To effectively craft your brand strategy, we have developed our own brand equity model – BRANDPOWER™. According to this model, all brands have both a marketing and a product layer, and they should always be analyzed on both. Moreover, they must maintain a balance between three fundamental factors of brand equity: credibility, visibility, and expansiveness.


MULTIMAP™ is our proprietary technique for modeling market structure. Using a multi-layered map based on expert and quantitative data we determine intuitive positioning of your brand in relation to the competition.


GENERATOR is our special creative session. We conduct it with you to generate numerous innovative, tangible solutions for the challenges your brand faces. What sets GENERATOR apart from traditional workshops is our proprietary techniques, incorporating metaphorical thinking and semiotic paradoxes.