How visual impressions affect purchasing preferences: an analysis of packaging

Did you know that consumers are 16% more likely to trust a cereal brand when the characters on the packaging look them straight in the eye? Learn how packaging influences consumer behavior.

Product packaging serves not only the function of protecting the product, but is actually a collection of information that convinces the consumer to make a purchase here and now.

It is worth emphasizing that subtle nuances, such as whether the brand hero on the packaging looks straight into the customer’s eyes or not, have an impact on their final decision. However, that’s not all because forming an opinion about a product takes the customer 90 seconds, and in 62-90% of cases, this opinion is influenced by colours. 84.7% of respondents stated that colour accounts for over 50% of the factors important in choosing a product.

The editorial team at asked us to conduct a semiotic analysis of packaging and share insights into their impact on consumer decisions.

From the article, you will learn:

  • How quickly consumers make decisions;
  • How colours and visual elements of packaging influence their behavior;
  • What five-second advertising is and how it affects consumer decisions.

ATTENTION: The article was written in Polish language.